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The Access to Justice Fellowship, being the first project of this nature in Hong Kong, was initiated by five PCLL graduates from HKU and CUHK, and was the winner of the 2019 PILnet Law for Change Student Competition, runner-up of the Fullness Social Enterprises Society competition 2020, and a recipient of the SIE Fund. 

The 10-month long Fellowship places two law graduates with a strong legal background in two partnering NGOs to undertake quasi-legal capacity building projects.

We want to bring all stakeholders together, level the playing field, and ultimately create a public interest law ecosystem that is mutually-beneficial and capable of empowering sustainable long-term relationships that will improve the growth and development of public interest law in Hong Kong. 

Our focus on our three main stakeholders (law graduates interested in public interest law, local grassroots NGOs, and the communities they serve) inspired the triangular logo for the Fellowship. Ultimately, we aim for this Fellowship to develop into one which builds bridges between marginalised communities and the legal sector, to strengthen the public interest law community and promote access to justice for all.

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Tackling barriers to access to justice by increasing NGOs' legal capacity in serving underprivileged communities through sustainable legal partnerships

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To build the long-term legal capacity of non-governmental organisations in Hong Kong through legal education

To promote public interest law amongst law students, law graduates and the wider legal community

To raise awareness about the rule of law and access to justice amongst the Hong Kong community

To build sustainable partnerships between the legal sector, NGOs, academia and law students to promote public interest law

To promote the value of public interest law amongst the legal sector through mutual learning

To foster communication between the NGO and legal sectors

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